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Carolinas Custom Horse Shoeing

Charles Bradley
P.O. Box 2062
Lancaster, SC 29721

Charles Bradley, Carolinas Custom Horse Shoeing, Lancaster, South Carolina

Carolinas Custom Horse Shoeing in Lancaster, S. Carolina
Provides These Services:
  • Hot Shoeing
  • Trims
  • Custom Shoe Modifications
  • Detection of diseases and infections of the hoof
  • Crack repairs
  • Consultations

Carolinas Custom Horse Shoeing in Lancaster, S. Carolina
Works in This Area:
  • Lancaster, South Carolina
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Monroe, North Carolina
  • Rock Hill , South Carolina
  • Columbia, South Carolina
  • Fort Mill, South Carolina

Charles Bradley has experinece in the world of horse shoeing since 1991 since working with and learning from Bill Reed.

"I come from the 'School of hard knocks'", says Charles Bradley, "I have learned from the best and I give every horse the absolute best care available in the industry of horse shoeing."

A good farrier comes into contact with other professionals involved with the equestrian life. Charles has worked with different veterinarians including Ann Baskett, or Bill Hay at Tryon Equine Hospital. Horse shoing involves the idea that all horses are just as unique as individuals as people are. It takes this philosophy in mind to be qualified to detect illnesses and injuries, especially thiose that require the help of a veterinarian. "Because a farrier is involved with the welfare of the horse, it is important to have someone who can recognize health issues as they arise", says Charles Bradley.

Charles is always attending clinics and seminars in order to keep up with the latest techniques and developments in the world of horse shoeing. "Furthermore," says Charles Bradley, "This is not rocket science; The guiding principles in horse shoeing are:

  1. Proper Breakover - concerning posterior and anterior baalance, we consider aspects of breakover in order to avoid ligament damage and to prevent tears in the deep flexor and suspensory problems.
  2. Support - putting the shoe where the hoof should be - anatomic differences dictate how the shoe is shaped and placed. The cornet band will dictate the process.
  3. Balance - medial-lateral balance is determined by the visual confirmation of the horse that helps dictate the shoe placement.

In conclusion, Charles Bradley loves to work with the horse owners.


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