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Quilts by Sheryl Elderfield at Lavender Blue Memories

6618 US Hwy 19E
Elk Park, NC 28622
Phone: 828-457-5058
Email: sheri.elderfield@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sheri.elderfield

Quilts by Sheryl Elderfield, Elk Park, NC


Quilts by Sheryl Elderfield at Lavender Blue Memories Provides These Services:

Longarm Quilting services

  • Custom quilting
  • Freehand edge-to-edge designs
  • Large selection of pantographs
High Quality Custom-made Quilts
  • Bed quilts
  • Quilted wall hangings
  • Memory quilts
  • Table runners / bed runners
Quilting Instruction
  • Individual quilting lessons – beginner to advanced
  • Longarm lessons
  • Demonstrations
  • Classes
  • Workshops

Quilts by Sheryl Elderfield at Lavender Blue Memories Works in This Area:
  • Newland, NC
  • Elk Park, NC
  • Linville, NC
  • Banner Elk, NC
  • Boone, NC
  • Spruce Pine, NC

* Pick-up and delivery at most local quilt shops
* Mail order service from/to anywhere in the country, return shipping no extra charge

I have many services to offer, including quilting services, finished quilts, quilting pattern design, as well as small items such as hot pads, Kindle and Nook covers.

Since 2001, I have been making quilts on commission. My inclination has never been for the simple. I frequently go beyond the pattern instructions, and my efforts make my quilts unique. I may change the borders, resize blocks, change colors, or just interpret a design my own way. My quilts end up being one-of-a-kind works of art.

The quilters who use longarm machines draw on their own visions and imagination to enhance a customer’s quilt and bring out its own inherent beauty. Choosing the best quilting pattern for a particular quilt, based on its intended use, the pieced pattern, style, colors and the desires of the owner, is part of the service provided.

Every one of my quilts is a labor-intensive, creative, unique piece of artwork. The process of creating a quilt starts with choosing a design and picking the fabrics. Construction includes cutting, piecing, and adding borders. Completing the quilt involves layering the quilt top with batting, & backing, and the critical step of quilting a design. By the time a quilt is completed, it could have 50 or more hours of love put into it.

I provide longarm quilting services for those that don't have the ability or the inclination to quilt their own quilt tops. I can do custom, edge-to-edge, and pantograph patterns. I do all hand-guided work, no computer-directed quilting. I also make custom quilts from scratch - bed quilts and decorative wall hangings. I do mail-order as well, with no extra charge for return shipping. Please contact me for more details.

Our Ideal Customer

My ideal customers are mothers and grandmothers that like to sew and piece their own quilts, but do not have the ability and/or inclination to quilt their own tops. Anyone who appreciates the art and beauty of hand-made items, for use as bed coverings or wall hangings.

Quilts by Sheryl in Elk Park, NC

Quilts by Sheryl in Elk Park, NC


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