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Rio Doce Gem Mine
14622 Hwy 226 South
Spruce Pine, North Carolina 28777
Phone (828) 765-2099

The Rio Doce Gem Mine in Spruce Pine Provides These Services:
  • Certified gemologists
  • Gem Mine
  • Lapidary (faceting) School
  • Rare Gems
  • Rare Minerals
  • Fine Jewelry
The Rio Doce Gem Mine in Spruce Pine Works
in This Area:
  • Spruce Pine, North Carolina
  • Little Switzerland, North Carolina
  • Banner Elk, North Carolina
  • Linville, North Carolina
  • Newland, North Carolina
  • Linville Falls, North Carolina

In business since 1982 in the Blue Ridge mountains; Spruce Pine, Rio Doce Gem Mine is like no other North Carolina gem mine. We don't get our gemstone's and minerals from the middle man, we have very close ties with the mine in Rio Doce (sweet river) Brazil. It is a river valley that runs through one of the richest gemstone deposits in the world. The stones you find come direct from the mountains of South America as well as the Spruce Pine Gem Mine district. It truly is an adventure for all ages!

Choose from numerous bucket sizes and specialty gemstone buckets then we will show you just how to "mine" the ore and uncover your new treasure. Our covered flume lines ensure a day of family fun come rain or shine. When you have finished, head inside and one of our trained assayers will go over gem material with you stone by stone. They will explain the origin of each gemstone and their trained eye and years of experience will help you spot which pieces will produce the very best cut gemstone.

You are guaranteed to discover amazing gem stones in each bucket of mining ore! Rio Doce Gem Mine in Spruce Pine, NC strives to provide you with the best material that Brazil and North Caroline has to offer with exotic gems and minerals; we still get many of our gems directly from the mine in Rio Doce (Sweet River), Brazil! You receive the finest quality stones guaranteed.

Once you have discovered your stones our trained Assayers will identify the varieties of stones that you have found and explain what can be done with the rough stones! Almost 100% of the stones you find can be cut and set in silver or gold! You can even be adventurous and learn how to cut them yourself. Our gift shop page will help you get an idea of what the stones you find can be turned into.

Rio Doce Gem Mine has the lapidary school; the staff has been trained by Jerry Call, who is known the world over as a true artist and has been one of the most sought after faceters for decades. Intrusted with cutting some of the most valuable and rare gemstones of the last half century, there is very little this legend of the industry hasn’t seen and done. Now is your chance to have the staff at Rio Doce pass some of their knowledge on to you.

Our Google Map says, "Jerry Call" and is truly Rio Doce Gem Mine

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