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Princeton Drug Store, Princeton Pharmacy

105-A Broyles Drive
Johnson City, Tennessee 37601
Phone (423) 282-1178

Princeton Drug Store; Johnson City, Tennessee
Princeton Drug Store Provides These Services:
  • Drug Store
  • Pharmacy
  • Prescription Service
  • Medicare Provider
  • Leader Pharmacists
Princeton Drug Store, Pharmacy Works in This Area:
  • Johnson City, Tennessee
  • Jonesborough, Tennessee
  • Hampton, Tennessee
  • Gray, Tennessee
  • Blountville, Tennessee

Princeton Drug Store; Pharmacists

Princeton Drug Store is in a fabulous location around the corner from Target. There are pharmacists who have been in the business for sixty years; Princeton Drug Store is dedicated to the health and well being of anyone who lives in Johnson City, Tennessee. You could say they have a fan club. THe senior pharmacist has regularly scheduled appointments with his diabetic group of individuals. This is going above and beyond the regular call of duty. This drug store is not the big box milling factory offering commodoty pricing for the every day scripts.

Come on by and give Princeton Drug Store as try. Their dedication os so much worth it.


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