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Home Internet Marketing, Inc. does Internet Marketing.

It is our goal to incorporate web design using JOOMLA, search engine optimization, email campaigns, social networking, and statistical tracking in order to get your message out.  This goes much deeper than good web design.  We have found the best tool to use for web site design, planning and implementation is to use a Content Management System called, "JOOMLA!".  Our staff is exceptionally well versed on incorporating content and blogs so that we can reach out to hundreds of thousands of targeted customers with the well-planned publication of one story that you or we - one of us - adds to your web site.  Since 2002, we have worked with many small businesses located in Banner Elk, Blowing Rock, Boone, Linville, and Newland, North Carolina.

We call on the MARKETING GUYS; NOT THE DESIGNERS.  Ask yourself, who does your marketing?


Ask Yourself, "What is my conversion rate?" - Are my phones ringing?  Am I getting emails?

Ask Yourself, "How many times is Google indexing my web site?" - The web site you are on right now gets indexed 2,000 times a day.

Ask Yourself, "How am I asking my customers to participate with my web site, to interract with me?"

Ask Yourself, "What stage of web site ownership am I in?

This is our timeline as we see it.  People go through developmental stages of web site ownership.

On the left is a description of where we find customers as they grow - On the right is our answers that bring satisfaction

What Stage of Development is The Customer In?


What The Customer Wants & Thinks
What per cent of web site owners reach this level




What We Do To Satisfy The Want



Owner is a NEWCOMER, Beginner’s Stage of Development.  Owner is Really Kind of Naive.




Owner thinks, “I want to be on the Internet; everybody says so it must be true.  I need a web site.”




50% of web site owners stop here. 


Web sites can be done do-it-yourself at GoDaddy for a low of price from about $100.00.  Web designers will cost more, up to about $4,500.  AskCounty would include as many pages or articles as there are topics that deal with your business.  This needs to be carefully done; for example, the “Contact Us” page could have a form but should ask for very little information because most users do not trust you yet.  AskCounty would include an email address with the name of your web site, for example, “ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ”.


Owner is a NOVICE, He’s Getting Wise to the Process; Usually Watching Other Sites With Envy.




Owner thinks, “I have a web site, but it is not listed with Google or Yahoo.  How do I get on the search engines?  I am wasting my web site if it can’t be found.”






75% of web site owners reach this level and then stop.


AskCounty will never publish a web site that is not Google-ready.  We will fix any web site and optimize it for search engines.  We will never violate a previous designer’s work or layout; ever.  We will do all of our work behind the scenes.  We have never damaged any web site while preparing it for search engines.


You may give us two lists.  One list contains the goods and services you provide.  The second list contains the geographic areas of your market reach.  When you have a national product, this process can get involved.  We charge from $350.00 to a high of about $4,000.00.  It takes about 3 weeks for the process to achieve a permanent fix with regards to placing well on searches. 


1)      We use our tried and true formula of using our 15 well-tested Meta tag combination.  We make sure all pages have valid title and description tags and that the content of any given page matches what the title and descriptions tags say.  All html pages are allowed 144 characters in a title and 244 characters is a description. (CMS gets more)


2)      We verify the web site in our Google Webmaster account.  We will place a Google verification code into the site.


Owner is more SEASONED now; As a Result of Research, Owner is Looking For an Upper Level Marketing Company.  Artists & Web Designers Will NOT Be Able to Scratch This Itch.


Owner thinks, “Now that I am on the first page of Google, why are my phones not ringing?  I need more exposure to the world, but how?”


10% of web site owners obtain some level of these services.


Please refer to our pricing package found below.  There are further explanations on a complete package priced as a-la-carte pricing for components most desired.


1)      Convert the web site to Joomla CMS.  Any CMS offers more than 144 characters for any title; any one topic can have 4 title tags associated with it; the section title, the category title, the article title, the menu title.  CMS gives a 2 to 1 improvement for search engine placement.


2)      Make two-way live feeds to social networks


3)      Make all blogs written feed automatically to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.  Write at least one blog per week.  All blogs need to be written by professional writers.


4)      Create time-sensitive offers.


5)      Put a video on the front page with the owner answering the top most important questions customers should be asking.


6)      Create a video section with a video for every important topic describing your business.


7)      Make a version of the web site for handheld devices such as Smart Phones.


8)      Register on Google for Google maps.  Higher listings on Google maps are based on first those businesses participating in Google Adwords pay-per-click programs and second those businesses located geographically closer to the center of town.


9)      Register the web site for a Google Pay-Per-Click program.  This requires a budget as small as $50.00 per month.  AskCounty will manage the program.  Google bills all costs directly to you.


10)  Register the business and the web site with the UBL – Universal Business Listing.  Your business gets listed on about 50 national and regional directories.


11)  Create back linking from at least 12 of the UBL web sites. These back linking web sites will become part of your influence engines.


12)  Create a forum for users to talk back and forth.  Use forums only when it can be used.  Forums allow for voting and rating products, services, and people.


13)  Use polls in order to encourage direct feedback from users.


14)  Offer a newsletter that user can unsubscribe from. 


Owner is well informed and aware of how a web site plays best in a marketing scheme.


The owner now has other features to consider:



Only 5% or less of web site owners get to this level.



[Check out the a-la-carte pricing in our document called, “Making Internet Marketplaces”]


1)      A reservation system.  Reserve room rentals, golf course tee times, restaurant seats, etc.


2)      A shopping cart for on-line sales.  The shopping cart needs to take promotional codes and offers of coupons made available to allow for time-sensitive offers of savings.  These products should be taken to the Google Store.


3)      Offer an email-marketing program.  Constant Contact is a program that costs money.  They will bill you.  AskCounty will manage the program.


4)      Billboards, TV, radio ads all referring to the web site.  “As seen on our web site”


5)      Make Twitter-exclusive offers for sales events and new offer introductions.




What’s involved in establishing your Internet Marketplace?

Setting up an Internet presence involves many individualized aspects that are creatively tied together. Google, Yahoo and Bing all love to rank local businesses and have publicly stated that they are most interested in local markets as well as in mobile markets.  They have stated from day one that their mission is to deliver a pleasant search experience for the general public.  There have been many aspects to this search engine ranking system of the world.  It is not an easy task and it is best stated that Google is a moving target.  Once the algorithm for Google has been configured, all other search engines respond favorably to any efforts put forth with regards to Google. 



We included the following skills:

1) Organic placement on the first page of Google searches for both local and regional searches.  Organic search results are one third of a successful search response.

2) Google Maps and Google Places are a second third of a successful search response.

3) We use Google Adwords in Pay-Per-Click programs.  This is the last third of a successful search response.

4) Our web sites need to reflect relevant information with regards to what the search engines want to deliver for customers.

5) We need videos that are key word-loaded for every topic we want to answer for.  Videos are very entertaining and most people will sit through one before they are willing to read lots of content.

6) We need to write articles covering each city and each product we deal with.

7) We use very specialized software in order to blast content out to business directories; on average 12 influence engine web sites.  Examples of influence engines include DexKnows, Yellow book, and Manta.

8) We set up Bookmarks on appropriate social networks and .gov web sites and feed them.

9) We use back linking using links on .gov web sites, on local business directories, and especially on our family of web sites.

10) We make pod casts and blogs and RSS feed relevant content to the social networks.

11) We use live back-and-forth; two-way feeds to social media extensively.

12) We make sure all this works on smart phones.


We incorporated this plan into this web site, in late 2009.  We continue to get better and better results with visits, search results and conversions to phone calls. Each week we see improvements in our page ranking and in our traffic. We now have the ability to write a new blog and have its contents appear on Google’s first page within 5 days.  Our record is 2 days.  Our network members are gearing into this in order to help them get optimized in their local markets. So far we are at a 100% success with each dealer. This program is now available to anyone and everyone.


Your local Internet Marketplace package includes:

1) Keyword research

2) Establishing superior domain name/directory naming format

3) Registration with Google, Yahoo, Bing

4) Rebuilding an existing website into a CMS that includes:

A) Photo galleries that work in different ways

B) Free statistical reporting

C) Blogs complete with professional writing and videos

D) Main page video designed to educate and inform.

E) Optimized to mobile media

5) Feeds to social media accounts all keyword loaded and optimized

6) Membership in social media to include:

A) Facebook

B) LinkedIn

C) Twitter

D) MySpace

E) YouTube

7) Accounts set up at:

A)6 .gov sites

B)National and regional business directories including Manta, DexKnows, Yellowbook

8) Google accounts: Maps/Places

A) Location extensions

B) Product extensions

C) Phone extensions

D) Link extensions

E) Adwords with a budget

9) Yahoo/Bing account/registration


Please contact Jason DeWitt at 828-413-2482


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